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We want to send out a special Thank You to the friends, neighbors and landowners that allow us permission to trespass and enjoy this special resource - without them this would not be possible.

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We are a full time guide service that specializes in migratory Canada and Snow Geese, spending up to 95 days a season scouting and hunting them. Successful snow goose hunting requires many hours of scouting and hunting them properly with very large decoy spreads up to 1200 decoys per spread.

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We scout for every party in Maryland and Delaware sometimes driving 450 miles in a single day. We are hunting 8 different concentrations of birds ranging from from 10,000 to 100,000 snow geese which helps produce quality hunting through out the season with no one area being over gunned!

A typical Tuscaroura hunt will take place in a leased
corn or wheat field that was scouted the day before.

We can accomodate 8 to 12 gunners per party.

Whether it is resident Canada goose season or migratorys your after, we have the hunt for you.

Our snow goose hunts begin in November and run through March... So don't forget your large shell bag!

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